Tea Culture

The brand of tea we have chosen to serve is ‘Tea Culture, Real Tea’. These masters of tea culture have elevated selecting and mixing tea melanges to an art and you can truly taste that. Only the best tea leaves from the most excellent plantations are good enough to prepare the best cup of tea for you.


Afternoon Tea

From Monday to Friday you can enjoy our Afternoon Tea between the hours of 12.00 and 17.00.

Choose your favorite 'Tea Culture' tea and we will complement it with a tiered platter stand filled to the brim with savory and sweet delicacies.


Des Indes Signature Tea

Since 1976 the Dutch team of ‘Teaculture’ have travelled to China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan to select the best quality of tea leaves. For Hotel Des Indes they created 3 unique signature blends: black, green and white. Tea lovers appreciate the long tea tradition in Hotel Des Indes and the care with which our tea is prepared with low mineral water and presented on a tray with a personal timer.

Des Indes Lounge


High Tea

The Des Indes High Tea is not only renowned in The Hague, but the fame has spread far and wide. We will serve you amuses, luxurious sandwiches, freshly baked scones, bonbons and pastries combined with different types of tea.


High Wine

If you are planning an afternoon with friends or another occasion to enjoy together, then the Des Indes High Wine is the perfect way to turn these occasions into an unforgettable experience.


Private Dining

For special occasions to be shared with a select company of people, the Salon Jacques Garcia is the perfect venue.