Hotel & Surroundings

Des Indes Hotel is situated right in the center of the historical, cultural and Royal heart of The Hague. The city where our government is based and where our monarchs reside. The unique standing of The Hague as governmental and Royal capital of The Netherlands offers an extraordinary combination of historic and monumental buildings, palaces and office towers in contemporary architectural design, which adorn the skyline of The Hague with their characteristic silhouettes.

Concierge Services

The complete team of Hotel Des Indes is geared towards making your stay with us an unforgettable experience. You will be immersed in pampering exactly as you should expect from a hotel of our stature. Requests small or grand, our Concierge will do his utmost to fulfill them.


Discover The Hague 

The special connection with our Royal Family is apparent all over The Hague. The many palaces with their rich history are a testament to this.

The Lange Voorhout Palace is situated a stone's throw away from Des Indes Hotel, and if you walk down the Lange Voorhout in search of the Noordeinde Palace, you will first stumble upon a hidden historic jewel: the Kneuterdijk Palace. In the Great Church, which rises high above The Hague with its hexagonal steeple, members of the Royal family were wed, and princes and princesses were baptized. In the Palace Gardens, you can view art, practice yoga or enjoy a picnic.


With its many exhibitions and events, the cultural agenda of The Hague is almost bursting at its seams. Enjoy the magnificent program of the Festival Classique, feast your eyes on the Liberty Tall Ships during Sail Scheveningen or visit one of the many expositions based around the Rembrandt & The Dutch Golden Age themed year.

Complete the experience

Our hotel offers numerous opportunities to enjoy a culinary experience. Each of our rooms is unique and filled with historic details.


Private Dining

For special occasions to be shared with a select company of people, the Salon Jacques Garcia is the perfect venue.


Rooms & Suites

The ultimate lodgings in The Hague. All the ingredients you need for a royal stay in the court capital as well as a large number of must-see sights and attractions, which are but a stone's throw away.


Meetings & Events

Impressive rooms with natural daylight, both for business as well as private events. Organize your meeting in an exclusive and intimate setting.