The Hague Hotspots

The Hague is the city where our government is based and where our monarchs reside. The unique standing of The Hague as residence and city of Royals, offers an interesting mix of historic, monumental buildings, palaces and office towers in contemporary architectural design, which adorn the skyline of The Hague with their characteristic silhouettes.

In the nearby theaters, there is a wide range of music, drama, dance and cabaret shows on offer. In short, The Hague city center has it all and Hotel Des Indes is right in the midst of it all.

Tickets & Transfers

Our concierge will gladly reserve your tickets for a visit to a museum, a theater or a special event. Of course, he can also arrange your transfers. Requests small or grand, our Concierge will do his utmost to fulfill them.

Historic The Hague


City of Royals

The special connection with our Royal family is apparent all over town. A stroll by the palaces, the Palace Gardens and several historic locations almost makes the connection to our Royal family tangible.



A stone's throw away from the hotel, you can find the Binnenhof (Inner Court), where the Tower chambers and the Court Pond are located. Stroll around the Binnenhof and admire the historical Houses of Parliament, still in use today.


Peace & Justice

The Hague is also known as the international city of peace and justice. The formidable Peace Palace was opened in 1913. A few times a year, the Peace Palace opens its doors to the public for guided tours.

Cultural The Hague



A stay in The Hague is incomplete without visiting the exclusive specialty stores in the many welcoming shopping areas, which are abundantly spread around the Buurtschap 2005 quarter and Hofkwartier (Royal Quarter).


Lange Voorhout

The name of Lange Voorhout avenue derives from the fact that it was an offshoot from the Haagse Bos (The Hague forest). This stately, broad strolling avenue is surrounded by rows of impressive lime trees and is a true example of beauty and serenity.


Museums & Theaters

The inner-city of The Hague has many museums and theaters. Lovers of art and culture find more than their money's worth here. In the nearby theaters you have your pick of an extensive selection of music, drama, dance and cabaret shows.

Guided walks

The Hague's Tourist Information office offers a mapped Royal walk, that is about 4 kilometers long and can be completed within an hour. It leads you by all the Royal and historic locations in the city center.