Peace & Justice

The Hague is also the city of international justice. In 1913 the Peace Palace was opened, erected on the estates of Rustenburg and Buitenlust. The motto of the Peace Palace is 'Peace by Justice'. In this national monument several peace conferences were organized and now the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitrage reside here. The Peace Palace regularly hosts events for organizations that search peaceful resolutions for international disputes.

Peace Palace

The original design in the neo-renaissance style of architect Louis Cordonnier included four towers, but the budget that had been contributed by Andrew Carnegie was not sufficient to cover that. This is the reason why the number of towers at the Peace Palace was reduced from four to two. The towers accommodate the courtrooms, the most important chambers in the building.

There is a visitor’s center near the Peace Palace, but guided tours are only offered a few weekends a year. The International Criminal Court is also situated in The Hague, a permanent court for the prosecution of persons suspected of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Discover The Hague


City of Royals

The special connection with our Royal Family is apparent all over town. A stroll by the palaces, the Palace Garden and several historic locations almost makes the connection to our Royal House tangible.



Normally the buildings of parliament, where a country is governed from, are located in the country’s capital. The Netherlands are an exception to that rule. The city of The Hague is where history is being written and the future of democracy is determined.


Museums & Theaters

The inner-city of The Hague has many museums and theaters. Lovers of art and culture find more than their money's worth here. In the nearby theaters you have your pick of an extensive selection of music, drama, dance and cabaret shows.