As Hotel des Indes is one of the oldest and most steadfast hotels in the Hague, we must lead by example. To make sure we set a good example, we need to focus on what is truly important and continuously improve ourselves. Caring for our environment and community while running a profitable organization are our top priorities.


The community, the city, and the country have played such a vital role in making this hotel what it is today. This is why we need to show our appreciation to the community and the environment by handling them with care. We acknowledge and show appreciation to the world around us because, without it, this hotel would not have the rich history it does. Our mission is to preserve this history for the generations to come, by taking care of our planet and its population.

To preserve our history, we need to look at the past, as well as the present and future. We strive to run this hotel in a sustainable and successful manner. Thus, for the first time ever, Hotel Des Indes has obtained a Green Key Silver certificate.

What we are currently focusing on is:

  • Informing our employees about the sustainable initiatives we take.
  • Creating a company culture where every member of Hotel des Indes feels respected, motivated, and encouraged to develop themselves in and outside our company.
  • Working mainly with local, sustainable suppliers and products, with a CSR focus.
  • Offering internships in all departments contributing to the development of individuals in the hotel industry.
  • Actively informing guests about local activities, businesses, and restaurants and promoting these to create a thriving community.
  • Contribution to our (local) community by gifting vouchers and overnight stays to charity auctions.
  • Taking necessary actions to limit our electricity and water usage.

Januari 2024

Yvonne van der Klaauw

General Manager Hotel Des Indes


Our hotel offers numerous opportunities to enjoy a culinary experience. Each of our rooms is unique and filled with historic details.



The ultimate lodgings in The Hague. All the ingredients you need for a royal stay in the court capital as well as a large number of must-see sights and attractions, which are but a stone's throw away.



From the ultimate lodgings in The Hague you can explore the many museums, ‘Het Binnenhof’ (Houses of Parliament), Noordeinde Palace (where king Willem-Alexander goes to work), many stores as well as a multitude of restaurants which are all situated within walking distance of the hotel.



Combine your stay at Hotel Des Indes with one of our luxurious packages and make your stay unforgettable. Discover Royal The Hague and use the hotel as the ideal base.

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