Business Events

Des Indes Hotel has various salons, fit for meetings, presentations, receptions or events. All Salons and rooms have natural daylight and offer a marvelous, classic setting with modern amenities. Des Indes Hotel is also the perfect location for a business dinner or lunch, which is also possible as private dining.

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All Salons in Des Indes Hotel have direct daylight. Our salons offer an iconic setting, abundantly filled with historic details, combined with modern amenities. The cozy atmosphere and the accessibility to modern meeting room equipment ensure that you can completely focus on your scheduled subjects. We will take care of the rest.


Maybe there are events that don't quite fit the image of your office building or you might lack sufficient space. In cases like these Des Indes Hotel offers a solution. You have distinguished Salons, the Ballroom and the welcoming Rotary to choose from, to host your convention, presentation or any other business event. We also offer you the possibility to exclusively rent our entire first floor for an unforgettable event. Needless to say, we will gladly offer advice in choosing the Salon or space that is most fitting, and it is also our pleasure to assist you fully in further realizing your event.


Business life offers ample opportunities for celebrations. Teaming up with another company, excellent yearly reviews, a CEO celebrating his anniversary, these are all excellent reasons for a festive get-together. The unique location of the Rotunda on the 1st floor offers a panoramic view of all the people in your party. This adds something cozy and intimate to the location despite the dimensions of the space. Whilst leaning on the balustrade you can gaze upon the Des Indes Lounge. Naturally, we can offer each group a fitting Salon or space, which suits the character and size of your reception perfectly.

Lunch and Dinner

Mixing dining and business is a combination that had proven itself again and again. A meeting while enjoying an exquisite meal, accompanied by a drink, always seems to run smoother than one in an office setting. If you want to pamper your business partners in a culinary manner, then Des Indes Lounge or Des Indes Restaurant is the perfect spot. Our Jacques Garcia Salon, directly adjacent to Des Indes Restaurant, offers the possibility for private dining in a classical decor with luxurious appeal.

Complete the experience

Our hotel offers numerous opportunities to enjoy a culinary experience. Each of our rooms is unique and filled with historic details.


Rooms & Suites

The ultimate lodgings in The Hague. All the ingredients you need for a royal stay in the court capital as well as a large number of must-see sights and attractions, which are but a stone's throw away.


Hotel & Surroundings

From the ultimate lodgings in The Hague you can explore the many museums, many stores as well as a multitude of restaurants which are all situated within walking distance of the hotel.


Private Dining

For special occasions to be shared with a select company of people, the Salon Jacques Garcia is the perfect venue.