Jet Pool

Swimming is beneficial to your health. In the warm water, the muscles will relax and the body will feel more flexible. Supported by the water, gravity no longer hinders you and the shock load to your muscles and joints is reduced to a minimum. Swimming is an excellent form of movement and you can burn off a large number of calories this way.

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At first sight, the heated pool at Des Indes Health Club & Spa doesn't seem fit for swimming laps. But nothing could be further from the truth. The powerful jet streams, which offer quite an extensive countercurrent, ensure that you have to put in a considerable effort. This is how you can cover quite a distance, even though you remain stationary in the water.

Did you know by the way that personal trainer Radmilo Soda chose exactly this swimming pool to offer the candidates from the Dutch television program Obese an inspiring work-out?

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There is no better way to battle jetlag or to shake off the hectic daily pace than using the sauna and steam bath or experiencing an invigorating massage.